VENTRILO: Request an Account
Vent now requires an account to connect. In order to receive an account you must post in this thread with your SteamID included in your post or linked to your forum account.

How to use the account:

Create a new user with your forum username:

In the Connection Editor; add your password:
TF2 Server(s) Competition! Multiple Hat Raffles!

We have unlocked a new server competition and two hat raffles!
Follow your rank and stats by visiting our gameME page.
intox Server Perks Shop Released!
We are proud to announce that the new shop is now functioning across all most servers!

The list of servers in which the shop has not been enabled follows:

  • Zombie Fortress
  • x10 Randomizer
  • Slender Fortress
  • Saxton Hale

I'm hoping to have these running the new shop in the next few days. This will require a small change to the weapon giving/changing system following those mods.

I'm thankful for all who helped diagnose bugs and glitches with the public test of the shop. Now, we should have a stable release. As of now, points and perks have been reset, however earning money is still the same. To earn money, you must do the following:

  • Play in the server for over 15 minutes.
  • Be a member of the intox Gaming steam group.
  • Not idle (we are currently designing a new AFK manager).

If you fit the above criteria, you will earn $1 every 3 minutes in our servers.

Prices for perks (only selected perks are available in the shop):

  • Chance your hat color: $3500
  • Change your head size: $4500
  • Set colored player trails: $5500
  • Set projectile particles on most weapons: $5500
  • Set killstreak effects and sheens on any weapon: $5500
  • Change your player model into a robot: $6500
  • Set unusual effects on any hat or weapon:

We want all our community benefactors to know they will not be discouraged in any way. All perks are unlocked during donation periods. Benefactors will continue to earn money as any other player does, however will not require to unlock any perk. Once donation periods end, all previously locked perks will become locked again. Don't want to wait? You can immediately unlock the shop perks by donating.

Prices are subject to change at any time, either higher or lower. Player cash sums will reset every 6 months.
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