Scheduled Maintenance: February 16th
Current window: 12PM PST to 7PM PST-ish

The Website, Mumble, and SourceBans web front will be down during this time.

Updates will be posted here.

E: A few problems have come up and we will be postponing maintenance until tomorrow February 16th.

First Part completed. Will work on second part later on this week.
Holiday Giveaway - 2014!
We're giving away 5 total items to 5 lucky winners!


  • 5 lucky winners will have the chance to win 1 of the following items: 2 naughty keys, 2 nice keys, or a Holiday Headcase!
  • The first winner drawn will receive the Holiday Headcase and 4 runner ups will receive keys!
  • All you have to do is post in this thread and you're entered to win!


  • You may only post in this thread once.
  • You must have more than 5 posts by the date of the raffle.
  • Don't spam. This includes useless and bullshit posts just to increase your post count.

If the above rules are not followed you will be removed from the raffle and possibly banned from the forum.

The raffle will be held January 1st. Good luck! wise
The winner will be decided using Your post # will be your raffle #.
TF2 Servers Competition! Free Hat Raffles!

We have unlocked a new server competition and two hat raffles!
Follow your rank and stats by visiting our gameME page.
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