[TF2] Mario Kart

Server Rules:
1. Listen to members & admins
2. Do not spam chat or on mic
3. Do not hack, script, exploit, or glitch, or stall. This includes maps and the server itself
4. Do not advertise or recruit
5. Do not wear the intox tag, or impersonate members or admins
6. Do not harass players over text or voice chat

Server Features:
Roll the Dice (!rtd)
Goomba Stomp
Fast Respawn

Maplist (updated 10/07):
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I've created a fix to all the lacking we've noticed over the years on mariokart.
It is based off of 'ig9' originally. The current version is igx_a7.
  • Music and soundscapes reenabled (Note: both disco and w2 start with their music off)
  • Reenabled beach ball game, and bomb factories to their original states
    • Used fixed beach ball model that doesn't dissapear constantly
  • Reenabled W2 Microphone
  • Fixed world 2 nobuilds so buildings can be put up to the top of the stairs again
  • Fixed model of and allow red to heal from ham steak dispenser in world 2
  • Changed POW blocks to use IG10 style trigger_apply_impulse for push force
  • Added IG10's rocket cannon in w2
  • Upgraded corner dispensers in world 1 to lvl 2
  • Fixed cones from being deleted by being not prop_physics
  • Reenabled cow moo noise to the right cow on the bleachers
  • Reenabled the b3's ?Block overlay when tile game is not active
  • Fixed gopher hole overlays on the road missing
  • Fixed bush textures, w2 dirt textures missing like on other versions of the map
  • Fixed water texture in w2 pools to be b3's textures and converted beach ball game structure to displacements to fix visleaf bug
  • Increased fade distance on towels in spawn
  • Make ammo packs use IG10's coin models and make them fit inside boxes without dropping out (Good lord that was hard. Error was mdl physics size)
  • Added loading pictures, motd text
  • Added a part to world 3
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A7 has been introduced.
Since a5:
  • 'World 1' portal in warp zone now switches sides every 11 uses and starts blue on map load
  • Added clipping to center of skybox so it doesn't get nauseating in world 1 if someone goes to the middle
  • Fixed blu team's falldown teleport trigger on rainbow road section of world 3
  • No dispensers in World 3 due to camping
  • Fixed world 3 cubemaps because one spot was too bright
  • Fixed world 3 soundscapes to be silent in white area and ramp-zone entrance
  • Fixed nobuild in World 3
  • Made it more obvious that iG is breakable in world 3 by changing its rendermode to 1 (slow pulse)
  • Added lightbulb to trapezoid shape in World 3 pre-ramp entrance
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