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  1. Greninja n00b

    May 25, 2015
    Name: Liam

    In-game name:Trainer.Nightmare

    Age: 12 | People say i sqeek alot  but thats not my fault we were all sqeekers once. Flame hacker said be mature quakers

    Location: United Kingdom

    Steam community profile link:

    Which of our server(s) do you frequent? JailBreak , Saxton hale , Zombie mod , Smash Bros

    Why do you wish to become a member? Ive played for quite a while now My brother got me into this game and these servers. I really love the community <3 And Its nice to make newer friends.

    Gaming background and/or past clan(s): Urmm I used to be in a call of duty clan ages ago. I got my First nuke on MW2 and i got accepted that was when i was 5

    Drink of choice: Apple juice

    Anything else you would like to say: Thanks To whoever reads this Sincerly,
  2. intox Gaming Bot Community Admin Community Admin

    Oct 15, 2011
    RE: Application

    Thank you for applying to intox Gaming! We appreciate your interest in joining and look forward to playing with you. Don't forget that we're looking for active members, so if you don't meet our criteria you will not be accepted. Forum activity is just as important as server activity! Make sure you drop by Mumble and join our Steam Community Group to stay up to date on announcements. The next recruitment wave will be posted here. Don't forget about referrals if you want to become a member before the next wave. Make sure you read the stickied thread!

    Good luck,
    intox Recruiter

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