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  1. Aborted Fetus of Juann n00b

    Apr 28, 2017
    Name: Frank Price

    In-game name: Aborted Fetus of Juan

    Age: 17

    Location: New York

    Steam community profile link:

    Which of our server(s) do you frequent? Jailbreak, dodgeball now, and smashfortress

    Why do you wish to become a member? I just recently returned to tf2 and Intox servers from a long hiatus where overwatch and sadness ruled my life. Now that i'm back i realized what i loved about intox, the saltiness followed by a caring community, a community which i really wish i could be a part of :D.

    Gaming background and/or past clan(s): Na

    Drink of choice: Sweet Tea

    Anything else you would like to say: Time flew bye ;-;
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.